Get Dental Care Without Insurance With a Dental Membership

Dentist,Examining,A,Patient's,Teeth,In,The,Dentist. Dental care can be expensive, and insurance doesn’t always cut it. Luckily, when you can’t foot your bill or your policy fails to cover your needs, there are alternatives. Here’s why a dental membership plan might be your best bet for continued, affordable oral health.

What Is a Dental Membership Plan?

Dental membership plans are a form of healthcare subscription. Each month, you pay your dental practice a small amount. In return, you receive discounts on treatments and coverage for preventative care.

How Is a Dental Plan Different From Insurance?

It’s easy to confuse dental plans and insurance, but there are a few important distinctions.

  • Membership plans include discounts. Because your dentist takes a firsthand role in the plan, they can offer procedure savings you wouldn’t get with insurance.
  • There are no confusing coverage terms. Dental plans eliminate many of the elements that make insurance so tough to deal with. You don’t have to pay deductibles, get pre-approved, or deal with annual maximums. You also avoid waiting periods and claim denials.
  • Your routine care is fully covered. Insurance is fine for some preventative care, but coverage gaps mean it’s not necessarily the answer when you need other work. While memberships have their limits, they may cover more than insurers will.
  • You work directly with your dentist. Insurance policy providers have little to do with your preferred caregiver, so their offerings can be fairly generic. Dentists who offer memberships provide coverage that matches their practice area and your needs.

Is a Dental Membership Plan Right for You?

Dental membership plans may be a better option for patients who know what they want. If you’ve picked a dentist and have specific caregiving needs, then why deal with insurance networks or confusing policy terms?

Memberships are straightforward and come in many flexible options. Some even include benefits like discounts for family member subscriptions.

Learn More About Dental Membership Plans at Priest Dental

Dental care is important, but it shouldn’t represent a huge financial burden. Want to learn how to make your oral health more affordable? Talk to an expert at Priest Dental in Ashland, OH. Call 419-289-1813 today, or join online.


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