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Many people fear going to the dentist.  It does not have to be this way!  We here at Priest Dental, believe proper dental care is one of the easiest things in your life. Patients can minimize their visits to the dentist by practicing preventive dentistry which helps protect against gum disease, tooth loss and other dental conditions. The dentist is not the only person that plays a role in preventing dental problems and disease. It starts at home with you!

Preventive dentistry helps patients avoid the costs and extensive procedures that are often needed to correct serious dental conditions. Maintaining dental health helps patients look and feel their best which contributes to overall health as well.

Preventing dental conditions requires a lifelong commitment that begins when the first tooth appears. While a child should see a dentist when the first tooth appears, proper dental hygiene starts at home with the parents. Parents play an important role in helping their children learn how to properly take care of their teeth.  These habits are important to establish early so children know how to prevent dental problems.

Benefits of Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings

There are a number of reasons why seeing the dentist regularly is important:

  • Prevent cavities and tooth decay. Routine cleanings every six months prevent plaque and tartar from building up on your teeth and eroding the enamel. 
  • Prevent gum disease. Gum inflammation is highly common, but it is also highly preventable. By removing bad bacteria and having your mouth professionally cleaned at least twice a year, you can lower your risk of gingivitis. 
  • Early treatment for any conditions. If you do happen to have gum disease or another oral health problem, routine dental visits ensure you get the fastest care possible. Earlier treatment means you can protect your teeth and gums from further damage. 
  • Save money. By prioritizing preventative care, you can avoid the higher costs of treating progressive oral health problems. 
  • Improve comfort. Regular dental exams and cleanings can eliminate many painful symptoms patients experience from cavities and gum disease. 

How Often Should I Go To the Dentist? 

We suggest seeing the dentist twice a year or every six months. Doing so helps prevent cavities and tooth decay while strengthening your teeth with a fluoride treatment. It takes cavities approximately six months to form, which is why bi-annual visits are the best way to prevent and treat them.

You can schedule a dental cleaning with us in Ashland anytime through our contact page

What Is the Difference Between a Family Dentist and a Pediatric Dentist? 

Dr. Priest specializes in general dentistry and family dentistry in Ashland, OH. Family dentists treat children and adults, while a pediatric dentist specializes in children’s oral health and development. 

A family dentist can offer routine cleanings and dental care for the whole family. If your child needs more specialized care, then a pediatric dentist is the right choice.

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