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What Is A Dental Extraction?

A dental extraction, commonly known as getting a tooth pulled, is one of the most common procedures performed at a dentist’s office. While your dentist will first make efforts to treat your condition and save the tooth, this is not always possible. Dental extractions are often performed to relieve a broken tooth, significant tooth decay or to remove wisdom teeth that cause overcrowding in the mouth.

Once your dentist has decided that dental extraction is necessary, he/she will perform an X-ray examination in order to further evaluate the tooth. The extraction procedure is performed under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort and involves rocking the tooth back and forth to ease it out of its socket for simple removal. Stubborn teeth may need to be removed in sections.

What to expect after a Dental Extraction

After the extraction, patients will likely experience a certain amount of pain. This can be relieved by applying ice to the area, rinsing the mouth with water or taking antibiotics or painkillers if needed. Patients are advised to avoid certain foods for a few days and should feel completely better within one to two weeks. The dental extraction procedure is safe for most patients and does not involve any major complications.

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