Teeth Whitening in Ashland OH

What is Teeth Whitening?

Dental bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a widely employed procedure in cosmetic dentistry. The goal of this procedure is to revitalize the luster and brightness of the teeth through the use of chemical agents.

What chemical agents are used?

In most cases, hydrogen peroxide is the active chemical; carbamide peroxide may be used for the application, but it soon degrades into hydrogen peroxide while inside the mouth.

Laser Whitening

The bleaching activity of the peroxide is typically sped up through the use of focused lamps/lasers while inside the dentist’s office. These imbue higher amounts of energy into the peroxide particles for faster and more precise results, but the technician must be careful to not aggravate the tooth tissue. This may cause an inflammatory response and heightened tooth sensitivity after the procedure.

Is Teeth Whitening safe?

A teeth whitening procedure is inherently a risky practice. Systematically speaking, it consists of placing toxic, degrading materials into a vulnerable orifice of the body, very close to easily damageable tissue. This leads to chemical burns being the chief concern of dentists while they apply the peroxide, as contact with the gums can be quite hazardous and may get bleached themselves.

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