Testimonial 8

Kevin Priest is a great Army Veteran and Dentist.  We served together and he was my dentist. – Anonymous

Testimonial 7

Dr. Priest knew I was nervous and was considerate of my feelings.  We talked our way through the cleaning and thanks to a new tool for breaking away tarter and a gentle hand, my cleaning was over before I knew it.  I couldn’t believe it! – Anonymous

Testimonial 6

My first experience with Kevin, the dentist/oral surgeon, was recently when he performed a surgical implant on me. The surgery was painless and, even though I was advised there would be some pain and swelling after the procedure, there has been no pain or swelling. – Anonymous

Testimonial 5

Such a great dental experience. My husband and I are new to the area and very much enjoyed meeting Dr. Priest. From the first call to the receptionist, my appointment, my husband’s and even check out, it was enjoyable. I would highly recommend this office. I was not only impressed by the cleanliness but the …Read More

Testimonial 4

Dr. Priest was/is an awesome dentist and was available and professional throughout my entire process of surgery.  I would highly recommend his work to others. – Anonymous

Testimonial 3

(Patient) is doing great, very little discomfort from the incisions and sutures.  He said to pass on a huge “thank you” and you are awesome!  Thanks from me and for the wonderful care you provided my family! – From a patient’s mother after wisdom tooth removal on her son

Testimonial 2

I just called and thanked you for all that you do.  Thank you for your compassion, understanding, and great work-above and beyond! Thank you Dr. Priest! – Anonymous

Testimonial 1

I can’t thank you enough for my teeth implants.  They look absolutely wonderful and I am so happy with them! – Anonymous

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